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Getting Started

Never insert any sharp objects, pins or screws into Zoomer™ as this may puncture
the internal battery!

Before playing with Zoomer™ the LiPo battery needs to be charged.

  1. Locate and flip open the charging compartment on the underside of Zoomer™.
  2. Set Zoomer™ to ON ( l ) mode.
  3. Set Language mode:
    A = English, B = French, C = Spanish.
  4. Locate the included USB charging cable.
  5. Connect the USB cable to the computer for charging. You may also use a USB wall adapter (not included) to charge directly from any household wall outlet.
  6. Insert the mini USB end into the charge port on the underside of Zoomer™.


    Always disconnect USB cable and close the charging compartment, before playing with Zoomer™.

  7. Check level of charge by pressing on Zoomer™'s head.
  8. When fully charged Zoomer™'s eyes will fully light up.

Note: Charge time is approximately 1 hour. Operating time ranges from 20-30 minutes. Before recharging, wait 10-15 minutes to let the battery cool down.

Quick Start Video

How To

Listening mode

  1. Before giving Zoomer™ a command, push down on his head and wait until he displays his listening eyes, '?' and stands still. Start every command by saying ZOOMER to get his attention.
  2. If Zoomer displays an 'X' in his eyes, he did not understand the command, repeat your command.

    NOTE: You need to push down Zoomer's head and wait for his listening eye's '?' before every command.

Training Mode

Be patient when training Zoomer™. He is still a little pup and some commands are more difficult to learn than others. you may need to repeat some commands until he learns them.

When he is in a good mood he will be better at listening to your commands. When he is in a bad mood, he may prefer to do his own thing.

Zoomer™ will remember his training, but if you don't practice his commands regularly, he might forget and have to learn again.

List of Commands

SAY: Zoomer, go pee.
ZOOMER WILL: Roll next to an object and lift his hind leg.
SAY: Zoomer, sit down.
ZOOMER WILL: Fold back legs and keep front legs straight.
SAY: Zoomer, lay down.
ZOOMER WILL: Fold all legs completely.
DO: Hold your hand in front of his chest and move it left to right.
SAY: Zoomer, look at me.
ZOOMER WILL: Follow your hand with his eyes.
SAY: Zoomer, speak.
ZOOMER WILL: Bend back legs with each bark
SAY: Zoomer, let's go for a walk.
ZOOMER WILL: Wage his tail and run around with excitement.
SAY: Zoomer, come here.
ZOOMER WILL: Bark and pant.
ZOOMER WILL: Fold his legs and move towards the first thing he sees.
DO: Stand in front of Zoomer then slowly walk forward.
SAY: Zoomer, follow me.
ZOOMER WILL: Bark twice.
ZOOMER WILL: Follow your feet.
SAY: Zoomer, go to sleep.
ZOOMER WILL: Yawn, give a sleepy groan, then snore.
ZOOMER WILL: Turn around in a circle then lay down.
SAY: Zoomer, protect me.
ZOOMER WILL: Growl, bark.
ZOOMER WILL: Lunge forward with front legs down, back legs up.
SAY: Zoomer, I love you.
ZOOMER WILL: Bark 'I love you'
DO: Hold a ball or object in front of Zoomer, and slowly move it forward and back.
SAY: Zoomer, let's play.
ZOOMER WILL: Bark happily.
ZOOMER WILL: Lunge at the object, nudge it forward, back up, then repeat.
SAY: Zoomer, shake a paw.
Do: Move your hand toward one of his paws.
ZOOMER WILL: Twist his torso and lift one of his front legs.
SAY: Zoomer, play dead.
ZOOMER WILL: Roll on to his back and an X appears in his eyes.
SAY: Zoomer, roll over.
ZOOMER WILL: Roll over and get back up.
If you stop giving Zoomer commands, he will wander around doing his own thing.

He has a mind of his own, and acts like a real dog when they are hanging around the house.

Here are some of the things that he might do:

If you leave him unattended for too long, he will eventually get tired and fall asleep.

DO: Scratch his chest and watch his eyes change.


My Zoomer is not listening to me! / Zoomer is not responding to voice-commands.
  • Zoomer needs to be in listening mode in order to receive commands. To ensure Zoomer is in listening mode, simply push down on his head and wait until the '?' icon appears in his eyes. When you see '?' Zoomer is ready to listen!
  • Careful not to speak too quietly or stand too far away while giving Zoomer commands. Try moving closer to Zoomer and try again. Be firm with your commands and be sure to speak clearly, but don't yell at him...he's just a pup after all.
  • Zoomer is a Multi-Lingual little puppy and can receive commands in three different languages! All you need to do is to make sure he is switched to the correct language. Locate and flip-open the charging compartment on the underside of Zoomer. Look for the A/B/C toggle and select A for English; B for French & C for Spanish. Zoomer can only understand one language at a time, so make sure he is set to the one you are currently speaking.
Why doesn't my Zoomer understand me?

If you have already made sure that Zoomer is set to the correct language and is in listening mode and he still doesn't understand you, you can try being a little more firm in your tone. Remember, Zoomer is a puppy and doesn't always listen as he should. As a dog owner, sometimes you need sound a little bit bossier than normal to make sure your puppy behaves, but don't worry, you won't hurt Zoomers feelings by doing this.

My Zoomer is acting sluggish & slow, what gives?

Like all puppies, Zoomer may need a nap from time to time to recharge his batteries. If you notice Zoomer slowing down, acting sluggish or simply not responding as well as he did, it's probably time to give him a charge. Luckily charging Zoomer is easy; simply plug the large USB end of the charge cord provided into a computer and the mini USB end into the charging compartment on the underside of Zoomer. You can check if Zoomer is sleepy or energized by pushing down on his head while he is charging and in the "on" position. A sleepy Zoomer will show one bar, while a fully charged Zoomer will show five. Full charge will take approximately 1 hour and provide Zoomer with 20-30 minutes of playtime.

My Zoomer is having trouble walking/moving, what do I do?

Zoomer is a quick little puppy, if you notice him unable to zip around like he normally does, the floor may be too slippery or the terrain too rough. Try placing Zoomer on a different surface such as low pile carpet or textured linoleum and he should find that easier. One of the benefits of having little puppy wheels instead of little puppy feet is how quick Zoomer can scoot around, you just need to make sure his little puppy wheels can handle the surface you are playing on.

Can I play with my Zoomer outside?

Zoomer is a strictly indoor puppy; he does not like the outdoors at all! Grass, dirt, cement and many other things found outside will cause scratches to Zoomer's finish and/or block the sensors. Because Zoomer uses infrared technology, sunlight will also affect Zoomer's performance. Keep Zoomer inside to keep him a happy playful puppy!

My Zoomer is Dirty, how do I clean him?

If Zoomer becomes dirty, do not use water to clean him. Zoomer is a robotic dog; water could cause damage to his electronic components and could pose a hazard. Wipe him clean with a dry, scratchless cloth to avoid damage or scratches to the finish. Remember, Zoomer's favourite place to play is in a clean indoor environment.

Is there anything Zoomer doesn't like? What should I avoid when I play with Zoomer?

Zoomer is an amazing puppy that can do many, many incredible things; however, there are certain things you should avoid while playing with Zoomer.

  1. Water - Zoomer does not need water because he is a Robot, in fact, water can be damaging to Zoomer, so please always keep Zoomer away from any source of water. Zoomer only eats & drinks electricity, so he won't go thirsty or hungry as long as you keep him charged up.
  2. Stairs - Zoomer has wheels instead of feet; can you imagine trying to go up and down stairs with wheels instead of feet? Zoomer does not like heights and he particularly does not like stairs, if he encounters stairs while playing, he may fall down and hurt himself. Ensure you are not playing with Zoomer on or near stairs to keep Zoomer safe from falling.
  3. Tables & Counters - Zoomer really does not enjoy any sort of heights, if he is being played with on any sort of small surface, he has a high likelihood of falling off. Keep Zoomer on the floor, and avoid any chance of him falling and hurting himself.
  4. Leaving Zoomer unsupervised - Zoomer is just a puppy, if left unsupervised during play, he could get into mischief. If you are done playing with Zoomer for a while, remember to turn him off until you are ready to play with him again.
My Zoomer's ears fell off!

Don't worry, Zoomer can still hear you! That being said, Zoomer doesn't like it too much when you tug on his ears, to make sure that they don't break we've allowed them to come off and be pop back in easily. If the Ear comes off, it should easily pop back into place.