LED eyes change expression with Zoomer’s mood to show happiness, shyness or even glowing hearts.

The random trick button on his back lets Zoomer thank kids for petting him by performing a trick.

Sound and infrared sensors enable Zoomer to obey commands, track movement and come when called.

Zoomer’s wheels enable him to chase balls and follow your child across flat surfaces.

5 different motors enable Zoomer to move like a real dog: cocking his head, stretching his legs and wagging his tail.

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Zoomer is the perfect family pet

Zoomer is an interactive puppy with multiple sensors that enable him to behave just like a real dog. Of course, like any puppy (or kid!) Zoomer might not always listen the first time if he’s feeling rambunctious. He’s all the fun of a family pet without the mess, vaccinations and responsibility.

  • A loving, loyal friend for ages 5+
  • Can learn dozens of different tricks
  • Understands English, French and Spanish (UK Zoomer understands Russian too!)
  • If you press the button on Zoomer's back, he'll reward you with a random trick
  • Easy and fun to train

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Zoomer’s Tricks. See Zoomer in action

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Reviews and Testimonials

"There have been lots of attempts at a robot dog over the years… but none are as cute or as interactive as Zoomer."

"It acts and moves more like a real, live puppy than any robot dog I've ever run across."

"He's incredibly life-like, cocking his head to the sound of your voice, yipping and wagging his tail with a manic motion that makes you feel like he really, really likes you."